November 5th
Danish Kennel Club International Show in Herning
Warming Black Innovation
Veteran BIS 1
Judge: L.P. Teixeira, Portugal


Warming Black Dashing Dandy
CC - Cacib - BOS
Judge: Kerstin Nilsson, Denmark

October 29th
The Israelian Poodle Club Specialty
Warming Brown Muffin
Classwinner - Best Female in Breed - BOB
 Junior in Show - Best in Show 2nd
Congratulations to owner Dr. Miri Abramson, Israel
October 15th
Warming Black Kelsey
got the CC, went BOB and BIS
in Aars beautifully handled by Birthe Petersen
Congratulations to owner Anita Holm and to lovely little Kelsey!
October 15th
The daughter of

Warming Black Innovation
Black Design´s Pure Silk went Best Poodle Baby
at the show in Aars, Denmark
Breeders and owners Merete & Kurt Jensen
September 25th
Warming Black Killroy
got CC and went BOB - Best miniature - BIS 2nd
at the Belgian Poodle Club Specialty in Gosselies, Belgium.
Congratulations to Obi, Tineke and Guy!!!
September 24th
Warming Brown Muffin
went Best Youth Miniature Poodle
at an International Show in Israel.
Congratulations to owner Miri Abramson.
Well done both of you!
September 21st
Warming Brown Quean and Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo
Good luck to "Lulu" and "Fez"
New owner of Lulu is Marion Epperson, Kennel Timari
New owner of Fez is Jessica Young
September 18th
Warming Black Killroy
went BOB, gained the CC and the Cacib in Maastricht, Holland.
Fantastic - you have done it again!!!
We are SO proud of you down there in Belgium
September 19th
Warming Black Gigi
has become International Champion.
She got her final Cacib in Pontoise, France.
Congratulations to Tineke, Guy and Gigi. Well done!!!
And Gigi´s two sisters Gardenia and Madelaine
send Gigi a big hug!
Danish Kennel Club International Show in Brondby
September 18th
Warming Black Innovation
went Best Male 4th and Veteran BIS 4
September 15th
Dandy is back in town!
Today Warming Black Dashing Dandy came home from USA.
Over there he has been taken really good care of (and spoiled) by
Tim Brazier - and in his spare time he has finished his American title
and visited some great lady poodles.
We picked him up at the Copenhagen International Airport,
and it was a happy and well-cared-for little boy who junped
out of the cage saying: Hello, I know you - so good to see you!
.........and SO good to see Dandy too- we have missed him!
Thanks SO much to Tim Brazier for taking such good care of our boy!
September 3rd
Warming Black Killroy
became Luxembourg Champion
today at the Luxembourg International Show.
Congratulations to Tineke, Guy and "Obi"!!!
We are SO proud of you!
August 21st
Warming Black Killroy
went BOB and gained the CC and the Cacib at the International Show
in Mechelen, Belgium. Congratulations to Tineke and Guy!!
August 13th
The Danish Kennel Club International Show in Odense
At the age of 10 "Sofus"
Warming Black Innovation
went BOS and Veteran BIS 4
June 13
Warming Black Zodiac
has become Swedish and German Club Champion!
Congratulations to Jytte and Lynge - well done!

June 11th and 12th
Great week-end for the Warming poodles:

Saturday June 11th:
Warming Black Kelsey
gained the CC at the Danish Poodle Club Specialty in Bagsvaerd.

Sunday June 12th:
Warming Black Innovation
went Best male 3rd and Veteran BIS 4th
Warming Brown Julius
went best male 2nd, gained the CC and the Cacib
Warming Black Lissy Lightfoot
went Best female 2nd and gained the CC and the res.Cacib
at the Danish Kennel Club International Show in Hillerod

Warming Black Killroy
went BOB and BIS 4 at the Lommel CAC show

June 1st
Warming Black Killroy
is new also Belgian Junior Winner.
You really take our breath away, Tineke and Guy -
we can hardly keep up with you and the fantastic results
you achieve with Obi
May 29th
Warming Black Killroy
went BOB and gained the CC and the Cacib
Warming Black Gigi
gained the CC in Mantes-la-Jolie, France
Judge: M. Hallier, France
Once again congratulations to Tineke and Guy and of course to "Obi" and "Gigi"!!
May 29th
Warming Black Vladimir
has become International Champion. Congratulations to Heike and Ute!!
May 8th
Warming Black Limelight
also became VDH European Youth Sieger.
Congratulations to owner Istvan Csik!!!!
May 8th
Warming Black Killroy
has become VDH European Youth Sieger. Congratulations to "Obi", Tineke and Guy!!!
May 1st
Warming Black Limelight
today went Hungarian Youth Champion and Junior BIS1
Congratulations to owner of thia little girl Istvan Csik
April 30th
Warming Black Madelaine
once again Best in Show Puppy
April 11th
Our beautiful black male
Warming Black Dashing Dandy
became an American Champion yesterday.
In USA he has been beautifully handled by Tim Brazier and
we are very thankful for that.
We are looking forward to see Dandy back in Denmark in the near future
April 9th
Warming BrownMuffin
was Best Puppy in Breed  at the International allbreeds show in Mayan Harod, Israel.
Here she is at the show with her new mom: Miri Abramson and her
big (very big) sister:
March 26th
International Dog Show in Luxemburg:
Warming Black Killroy
went BOS and became Luxemburg Youth Champion
Congratulations to Tineke and Guy and thank you so much
for presenting your Warming miniatures so beautifully!!
March 19th
Dog Show in Wieze
Warming Black Gigi
gained the CC and became Belgium Champion
Warming Black Killroy
was best young poodle, BOB and BEST YOUTH DOG IN SHOW

March 6th 2005
Danish Poodle Club Specialty
in Stepping

Best of Breed and Best of Opposite Sex

Warming Brown Frisbee
BOB and CC

Warming Brown Julius

BOS and CC

Our two brown stars were beautifully handled by Anja,
our daughter in law and Mogens, our son

And Best in Show Puppy was our new black star
Warming Black Madelaine
January 26th
Warming Black Image
has become American Champion
Congratulations to owner Beverly Nilsson, Heavenly Kennels, USA!
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