The family together at our wedding
Little did we know what great moments and achivements we had in front of us
We had our first registred miniature in 1983  - it was Charlie
We bought him as a pet dog, so of course we did not get "the best dog" of the litter,
and the breeder did not have much confidence in him.
But time showed differently: Charlie turned out to be an excellent
show dog, but most of all: He was a fantastic studdog.
Here he is at his very first open show as a puppy - the first show we ever entered
The foundation of Kennel Warming:
Charlie with his two daughters: Alexandre and Alberta

Warming Black Alberta

"Alberta" was out of our very first litter, born in 1986.
She was an amazing show dog - a true star, group-winner and BIS-winner at
big all breed shows. She also proved to be a great brood bitch.
She did not get many litters but still she became topproducer - bred to
Warming Brown Junior and Westpriors Wizard of Auz she produced 8 champions.
Click on her picture to see more photos and pedigree.

Warming Brown Alexandre

"Sanne" was the other female of our first litter. She was not shown much (still got a CC)
but she had to step aside for Alberta. However she produced wonderful puppies
such as CH Warming Black El-Zacho, CH Warming Kamma Kamelia, CH Warming
Black Nautico, CH Warming Black Nika and CH Warming Black Camaro.
Here she is with her half brother CH Warming Black Benjamin - probably
the best dog that we have ever bred. Unfortunately he was killed by a car when
he was only a few years old - what a loss to the kennel.
Our brown breeding class:
Warming Brown Junior, Warming Brown Boss, Warming Brown Unika,
Warming Brown Umberta and Warming Brown Alibi.

A rare phenomenon in the poodle world: A brown breeding class.
And it managed to become Breeding Class of the Year 1995 2nd
in the Danish Kennel Club - all breeds.
An early black breeding class from the past:
Warming Black Nautico, Warming Black Orlando, Warming Black Nika,
Warming Kamma Kamelia and Warming Black Ofelia.
And one of our newer breeding classes from 1999:
Warming Black Innovation, Warming Black Kassandra,
Warming Black New-Look and Warming Black Nemesis.
One of our greatest moments was when our Sofus
was Studdog of the Year 2002 (Danish KC - all breeds)
The same year he was Senior of the Year 2nd (all breeds)
The same day we received the Danish Kennel Club mark of honour
for many years of excellent breeding - Kennel Warming is still the
only poodle kennel in Denmark to have received this honour
In 2003 we celebrated our silver wedding - 25 years with poodles