2006 has been a magnificent year for Warming poodles all over the world.
We have not been showing very much ourselves, but still with great results:
"Julius" (
CH Warming Brown Julius) finished his Danish title.
"Oscar" (
CH Warming Black Oscar) became Luxemburg Youth Champion and also finished his Danish title.
"Maddie" (
Warming Black Madelaine) has won BOB twice this year and she only needs one more CC to finish her Danish title.

However what makes us even more proud are the results of all the Warming Poodles all over the world
"Kelsey" (
CH Warming Black Kelsey) owned by Anita Holm and perfectly handled by Pia Petersen won BIS at a poodle club specialty and she went Copenhagen Winner 2006.
"Fetterlein" (
CH Warming Black Zodiac) owned by Jytte and Lynge Petersen became German VDH-champion.
"Muffin" (
CH Warming Brown Muffin) owned by dr. Miri Abramson in Israel became Israelian Champion.
"Limie" (
CH Warming Black Limelight) owned by Istvan Csik in Germany became International Champion,
"Fez" (
CH Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo) owned by Jessica Young in the US finished her American title.
"Obi" (
CH Warming Black Killroy) owned by Tineke Wijnant & Guy Gochet in Belgium,became International, French, Dutch Champion and Belgian Winner´06.
"Deen" (
Warming Brown Surprise) owned by Kennel Nathalie´s Pride in the Netherlands became Dutch Youth Champion and Youth Winner of Amsterdam 2006.
Warming Brown Penelope in Serbia has become Youth Champion. 
Congratulations to all the owners of these Warming poodles. We are so proud of you!

Another great event was when AUSTCH USACH Westpriors Black Raymond
arrived at the kennel in May. Thanks to Jean and Graeme Missen in Australia
for letting us have this wonderful boy. He will surely be a great contribution to our breeding.....and he will enter the Danish show scene in 2007.

Early 2007 Warming puppies will go to USA, South Africa and Finland. We wish
them the best of luck along with all the other Warming Poodles shown "out there"
and we will be looking forward to hear news from you.

And then of course - thanks to all the owners of Warming pet poodles.
We know that you take really good care of "our babies" and we
really love hearing from you from time to time.

December 26th
Warming Brown Surprise
has finished his Dutch Youth title and 3 days before his
1 year birthday he had gained enough points for the
Dutch Championship - unfortunately he will have to wait
till he is 27 months old to finish it.
November 5th
Another Best of Breed for Kennel Warming:
Warming Black Madelaine
got her second CC and went Best of Breed at the
Danish Kennel Club Show in Herning.
Judge: Monique van Brempt, Belgium
November 3rd
Great news:
Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo
has just finished her American title!
Congratulations to owner Jessica Young!
We are so proud of both of you!
October 29th
Warming Brown Surprise
went BOS and gained the CC at the
The international show in Utrecht,
the Netherlands - only 10 months old
October 14th and 15th
Great week-end for Kennel Warming The Aars Shows

Saturday 14th
Warming Black Madelaine
got her first CC and went BOB
Warming Black Oscar
got his second CC and went BOS
Judge: Juha Kares, Finland

Sunday 15th
Warming Black Oscar
got his third CC, went BOB and finished his Danish title
Judge: Valerio Nataletti, Italy
September 30th
Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo
Best of Variety at the Columbia Kennel Club show under judge Mrs. Peggy Haas
Congratulations to owner Jessica Young, Jess-El Poodles, USA
September 16th
Warming Black Kelsey
won Best of Opposite Sex and went Copenhagen Winner 2006
at the Danish Kennel Club International Show in Ballerup
Congratulations to Anita!!!
September 4th
Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo
won her second major and also won Best of Breed at the
Raleigh Kennel Club show. Fezie now only needs 4 single points
to complete her U.S. championship.
Congratulations to owner Jessica Young! - Fantastic!
August 26th
He did it again!
Another BOB and another champion-title for Obi!
At the International show in Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Warming Black Killroy
gained the CC and the Cacib. And He went BOB and BIG 5
And then of course he camcame Dutch Champion!
Congratulations to all of you down there in Belgium!
July 29th and July 30th 2006
Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo
won her first points this weekend at the Greenville, SC shows. 
On Saturday she went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 3 point
major under judge Dennis McCoy.  Today she went Winners Bitch for
another 2 points under judge June Penta. 
Congratulations to owner Jessica Young, USA
July 1st
Birthe celebrated her 60th birthday with family and friends
Look at the pictures from the big event
June 24th
Another champion title for
Warming Black Killroy
Today he got 2 x CC, Cacib and went BOS at the Brussels Dog Show 2006.
In great style he finished his Belgian title and became Belgian Winner 2006
Congratulations to Tineke and Guy - well done!
June 18th
Champion No. 5 in a row:
Warming Black Killroy
has become International and French champion today
He went BOB under judge Valerio Nataletti, Italy
CONGRATULATIONS to owners Tineke and Guy
We are so very proud of you!
June 15th
Warming Brown Quid Pro Quo
placed 4th in the 12-18 class at the Poodle Club of America.
Congratulations to owner and handler: Jessica Young
That was fantastic!
4th champion this year
Warming Black Limelight.
"Limie" has become an International Champion.
Congratulations to owner: Istvan Csik
May 27th
Warming Black Kelsey
got the CC and the Cacib and went BOS
at the Neumünster International Show in Germany.
Judge: Rosemarie Schultz, Germany
Congratulations to "Kelsey" and to owner Anita Holm, Denmark
Welcome to Raymond
Australian import:
Westpriors Black Raymond
Grandson of CH Warming Black Northman and
CH Warming Black Overture
May 17th
Warming Black Oscar
got his first CC at the Danish Poodle Club Specialty in Karlslunde
Judge: Philip Langdon, GB
May 17th
Our new baby-boy - black dwarf
Warming Black Spencer (son of Warming Truly Surviver)
Went Best Baby in Show
at the Danish Poodle Club Specialty in Karlslunde
Judge: Philip Langdon, GB
May 5th
Warming Black Innovation
went BIS Veteran 4th
at the Danish Kennel Club International Show in Hillerod
April 1st
New Warming Champion - third this year!
Warming Brown Muffin
today became Israelian Champion
It´s fantastic and we are SO proud!
Congratulations to owner Miri and to little Muffin
March 26th
The International Dog Show in Luxemburg
Warming Black Oscar
became Luxemburg Youth Champion
March 11th
The International Show in Offenburg, Germany
Warming Black Zodiac
Winner of the Champion Class - CC - Cacib - Best of Breed
Congratulations to owners: Jytte and Lynge Petersen, Denmark
March 4th 2006
Danish Poodle Club Specialty  in Stepping
New Warming Champion and Best in Show
Warming Black Kelsey
got her third CC and became Danish Champion
She also went Best of Breed and finally Best in Show
Judge: Mikael Nilsson, Sweden
Owner: Anita Holm, Denmark
"Kelsey" is the second miniature to become Danish Champion in 2006
"Julius" - also a Warming-poodle - was the first, so.......
though some say the opposite - Kennel Warming can still produce champions!
February 19th
A New Warming Champion:
Warming Brown Julius
got his third CC and went BOS
at the Danish Kennel Club International Show in Odense.
Judge: Marie Petersen, Denmark
And our grand old man Warming Black Innovation
went Best Veteran in Show 3rd
"Sofus" will soon be 11 years old and he is shown in his own
natural colour and as you can see he is still very, very black
February 5th
"Oscar" ~
Warming Black Oscar - 13 months today - did it again
as he did last week: He went Best in Show at the Danish Kennel Club
unofficial show in Stepping. Judge: Marie Petersen, Denmark
February 4th
Warming Brown Muffin ~ "Muffin" got her second CC
at the Israelian Poodle Club Show
Judge: Agnes Ganami-Kerthes, Israel
Well done Miri and Muffin - we are proud of you!

January 29th 2006
Danish Poodle Club unofficial show in Tistrup
Judge: Stephen Wheeler, Sweden


Warming Black Oscar


Best Black Poodle at the Show

Warming Black Luigi


January 14 th
The International Show in Tel Aviv, Israel
Warming Brown Muffin
went Excellent, Cw, CAC and res.CACIB.
Judge: Mr. H.Van Den Berg, Netherlands
Congratulations to owner Miri Abramson and her
sweet little "domestic tyrant". Well done, both of you!

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