2007 has been a tremendious year for the Warming poodles. We are proud to see that even though we do not show that much ourselves we provide top poodles to people all over the world.

This year we have been showing three dogs here in Denmark:

Warming Black Madelaine who finished her title and also her Club Champion title.
Westpriors Black Raymond - already Australian and American Champion, but now also Danish Champion
Warming Black Oscar: Best poodle at the DKK 110 years anniversary shows in July (BOB and BIG 3)

In 2006 we imported
Westpriors Black Raymond. We were hoping that he would be of value  to our breeding programe and we can only say, that we have not been disappointed. "Raymond"´s kids are doing extremely well. No matter who he is bred to "Raymond" gives his showmanship, health and wonderful temperament to all his kids.

The Raymond Kids on the show scene are:

Warming Black Treasure exported to Finland and owned by the Chanzonet Kennel: CC- and BOB-winner

Warming Black Velveet exported to the Netherlands and owned by
Trees and Kees Molders: CC-winner

Warming Black Tosca owned by
Kelly & Ina Wempe, the Netherlands: CC-winner

Warming Black
Troubadour is doing great in South Africa - owned by Jackie and Francesca Browning & Len H. Smith: CC- BOB- and BIS-winner

Warming Black Voo Doo has had a fantastic start of her show carrier - went Puppy Best in Show 3rd at the DKK 110 years anniversary international show in Vejen. She is owned by Palle Holm.

One of our own new hopes is Warming Black X-pansion who went Best Puppy in Show at the Danish Poodle Club Christmas Show

All the avove mentioned "puppies" are still very young, but we are convinced that they will all have a bright future.............and more "Raymond"-kids will come!

Another Raymond son Westpriors Black Romano is top winning miniature in Australia - BOB at the Sydney Royal 2007 and sire of top winning offspring.
And another son
CH Leonardo da Maya owned by Doris Backe in Sweden is still on top in Sweden

Other exports on the top:

Warming Black Unforgetable exported to the US and owned by Marion Epperson of the Timari Kennel - still young but watch out for her in 2008.

Warming Brown Surprise - also owned by Marion Epperson has started his US show carrier and he is already sire of several promissing puppies in the US.

Warming Black Limelight new Luxemburg Champion owned by Istvan Csik, Germany

Warming Brown Rose is doing great in France both in the show ring and on the agility course. Owner is Fredric Salvat.

Warming Black Zinnia went German Champion 7 years of age - she is owned by Svenja Müller of Kennel von Nübbel in Germany

And the Warming dogs in Denmark:

Warming Black Zodiac was shown in Germany and went BOS

Anita Holm´s miniature Warming Black Kelsey and her dwarf Warming Black Scarlet both successfully shown both in Denmark and abroad: CC- and BOB-winners

And finally the young black dwarf female Warming Black Wanda went BOB at the Danish Poodle Club Christmas Show - she is owned by Christine and Susanne Preisler.

To all of owners of Warming poodles:
Thank you so much for showing but most of all for loving and cherishing our puppies. It means so much to us that they are in good and caring hands. And thanks so much for letting us know how you are doing - we enjoy every mail and every phone call.

Warming Black Troubadour
has ended the year 2007 as South Africa`s Top Miniature and in the
Top Twenty All Breeds only 17 months old
Warming Black Velveet
At the International Show of Bleiswijk November 4th
first time in the Junior Class she gained her first Junior CC and BOS
and at the Dutch Poodle Club Show on December 2nd
she gained her second Junior CC , res.CC and went Best Bitch 2nd
Congratulations to owners Trees and Kees Molders, The Netherlands
November 24th
Warming Black Tosca
"JEUGDWINSTER 2007" at the Amsterdam Winner Show
Cruft Qualification 2009
P. Burema
Congratulations to owners:
K.Wempe & F.E.S. Wempe-de Graaf, the Netherlands

See "Pip" at the show:

November 25th 2007
Warming Black Wanda
10 months old she won her first CC, went BOB and BIS 3
at the Poodle Club Specialty in Lund, Denmark
Congratulations to owners S. and C. Preisler.
November 25th 2007
Warming Black X-Pansion
one of our new girls went Best in show Baby
at the Poodle Club Specialty in Lund, Denmark
October 13th
Warming Black Madelaine
won her fourth club-CC  and went BOS at the show in Aars
and she is now Club Champion
Warming Black Zinnia
won CC - VDH-CC and BOS at the Wahrlitz Show September 30th
and finished her German title!

In only one year and lightly shown Zinnia won VDH- European winner'o7,
DECH (VDH), PZV- Sieger'o6, Berlin Sieger 'o7, Rostock Sieger 'o6.
And this at the age of  7 years!!!
Congratulations to owner Svenja Müller in Germany
Warming Black Kelsey
VDH International Show in Rostock
October 6th 2007
CC - VDH-CC - Cacib - Best of Breed - Best in Group 2nd
New VDH Champion
Congratulations to owner Anita Holm and
Well done to handler Jytte Petersen!
Warming Black Tosca
The International Show of Maastricht.
Best of Breed
Congratulations to owners:
K.Wempe & F.E.S. Wempe-de Graaf, the Netherlands
September 16th
Warming Black Velveet

Waalwijk Puppy Show, The Netherlands
180 entries all breeds
Best in Show 2nd
Congratulations to owners Trees and Kees Molders, The Netherlands
September 9th
Warming Black Kelsey
At the SKK National Show in Sofiero, Sweden
won CC and BOS and is now Swedish Champion
Judge: Iwona Urbanowska, Poland
Congratulations to Anita Holm, Denmark - owner of Kelsey
August 12th
Two "Sofus"-children (Warming Black Innovation) went BOB and BOS
at the Danish Kennel Club 110 years anniversay International Show in Vejen:
BOB: Black Design´s Danish Design, owned by Monica Olsson, Sweden
Warming Black Kelsey, owned by Anita Holm, Denmark
Unfortunately we were not there to see it, but it is good to see
a judge who is able to recognize similarities in her winner dogs,
to follow a line - in this case the qualities of "Sofus" in his offspring
Congratulations to the owners!
Warming Black Voo-Doo
did it again and this time even better:
She went Best miniature puppy and Puppy BIS 3rd.
Congratulations to mum and dad: Sus and Palle!
and on this very same day "Voo-Doo"s litter-sister "Odette" ~
Warming Black Velveet
went Puppy BIS 3rd at an International Show in the Netherlands.
What a coincidence!
Congratulations to the Molders family in the Netherlands!
August 11th
Danish Kennel Club 110 years anniversay International Show in Vejen
Warming Black Oscar
BOB - Cacib - BIG3
Judge: Chantal Méry, France
Warming Black Voo Doo
Best miniature puppy
Among the 6 best puppies of all breeds
Congratulations to owners
Sus Vang and Palle Holm Pedersen, Denmark
Son of Warming Black Innovation
Black Design´s Danish Fashion
won Best male 2nd and CC and is now a Danish Champion
Congratulations to owner Monica Olsson, Sweden
Again and again......
Warming Black Troubadour
won BOB - BIG4 in Durban on the 4th and
BOB - Junior BIG 1 and BIG 2 on the 5th - also in Durban
Congratulations to Jackie and Francesca Browning & to Len H. Smith
July 28th
Warming Black Troubadour
won Best in Show All Breeds in Namibia
only 1 year and 7 days old - FANTASTIC!
Congratulations to Jackie and Francesca Browning & to Len H. Smith
July 29th
Danish Poodle Club Show in Korsör
Judge: Betsey Leedy, USA

Warming Black Madelaine
only got the Club-CC and she went Best Bitch 3rd
For the first time we have met a judge who was able to find
faults on our girl.

Westpriors Black Raymond
(champion on three continents) was found a "worthy champion"
but without CK (champion quality designation).
How lucky we are!
July 9th
New prcd-PRA results:
Warming Brown Surprise and Warming Black Unforgetable
Both dogs are owned by Marion Epperson, Kennel Timari, USA
and they are both Normal/Clear

 Fantastic results from The Netherlands
Warming Black Tosca
 is doing really great:

The Dutch Poedelclub CAC Show, 19 November 2006.
Babyclass - 1 Very Promising, BIS-Baby

 Zutphen CAC show, 11 February 2007
Puppyclass - 1 Very Promising, BIS 2 -Puppy

 Goes, CAC-CACIB Show, 21 April 2007
Youghtclass - 1 Excellent, CAC+BOB

 Arnhem, CAC-CACIB Show, 26 May 2007
Youghtclass - 2 Excellent

 Almelo, Clubmatch(no cac's to win), 3 June 2007
1 Excellent, BOB+ BIG2 !

 Almere, CAC show, 16 June 2007
1 Excellent, reserve CAC

 Echt, CAC-CACIB Show, 1 July 2007
1 Excellent, CAC

Congratulations to owners Kelly & Ina Wempe,
we are so proud of you!

July 1st
Warming Black Madelaine
went BOB at the Danish Kennel Club National show in Rönne
Judge: Ole Staunskjaer, Denmark
June 16th and 17th
Great week-end for
Warming Black Scarlet
Saturday: CC - Cacib - BOS at the Szczecin Int. Show, Poland
Sunday: CC - Cacib - BOS at the Danish KC Int. show in Ballerup
18 months and 3 x Cacib - Fantastic!
Congratulations to owner Anita Holm

He did it again and again! 10½ months old - 4 times shown - 4 times BOB
Warming Black Troubadour

June 2nd 2007
The Kennel Union International show, June 2nd 2007
CC - Best of Breed - Best Puppy
Best Puppy in Group  - Group 3rd - Reserve Best Puppy in Show
Judges:  Mr Tripoli, Italy (breed and group) and
Nils Molin, Sweden (Best Puppy in Show)

June 3rd 2007
FCI Internatinal Cacib Show, South Africa
Best of Breed
Judge: Mr. Podesta, Chile

Congratulations to Jackie and
Francesca Browning!

Warming Brown Rose
gained the Cacib at the International show in Tarbes (South West France)
Congratulations to owner Frederic Salvat and to Alibi
who is now getting ready for the agility courses in France
"Raymond"s son CH Westpriors Black Romano
BOB at the Sydney Royal 2007 under Mrs Hubenthal Norway  with John Edwards
and Dayna Johnston who present and exhibit him. 
He was also Best Miniature Dog at the Poodle National a few days earlier
Congratulations to owners John Edwards, Dayna Johnston and G. & J. Missen
19th and 20th May 2007
Warming Black Troubadour
He arrived 14 days ago in South Africa and at his first 2 shows on
19th and 20th May 2007 he won:
CC & BOB and Best Puppy and Best Puppy in Group!
Congratulations to his owners Francesca Browning and Jackie Browning.
It is fantastic! but let us tell you: We still miss him!
New Danish Champion!!!
May 13th 2007
Westpriors Black Raymond
finished his Danish title
today at the Poodle Club Specialty i Aarhus.
The judge was Lee Cox, England
May 7th 2007
Warming Black Troubadour

It was hard work having all the arrangements done,
but finally we succeeded and our beautiful Leopold
is now on the other side of the Earth.
Take good care of him Jackie and Francesca and good luck!
Warming Black Treasure
was show in
Tohmajärvi, Finland
She was the only miniature to get Excellent, so she gained the CC and
went BOB. The judge was
Johan Juslin.
Congratulations to owner Ritva Toumainen in Finland
April 24th 2007
"Ditte´s brown son "Gabe" 
Warming Brown Surprise
Has left for the US. This handsome and sweet boy
will spend the rest of his life in the loving and caring home
of Marion Epperson, Timari Poodles.
We are sure that you will love each other!
April 9th 2007
Wonderful day for Warming Poodles in The Netherlands:
BOB and BOS at the International Show in Paasshow, Leeuwarden
Warming Black Scarlet
  Best dwarf female - CC - Cacib - BOB
Warming Black Zodiac
 Best miniature male - CC - Cacib - BOS
The judge was J. Vidal Montero, Portugal

Congratulations to Scarlet and Anita
and to Fetterlein, Jytte and Lynge!"
April 1st 2007
Warming Black Limelight
 went Luxemburg Champion today. Congratulations to owner Istvan Csik in Germany
March 27th 2007
Warming Black Unforgetable ~ "Uma"
has left for the US. For many years ahead she will make
the life of Marion Apperson, Timari Poodles - yes let´s just
say thrilling (you asked for it, Marion - Uma is a Gardenia-daughter)
Good luck at home and in the show ring both of you!
March 18th 2007
Warming Black Velveet has found
her new home with the Molders-family in the Netherlands.
The best of luck to you, little girl - we are sure,
that you will have a great life down there.
March 17th 2007
One of Frisbee´s babies - Tinka went to her new home today.
From now on she will keep Tove and Piet busy in Koege on Zealand.
Good luck to the three of you!
March 15th 2007
Warming Black Treasure
has gone to Finland.
We hope that she will be a pleasure....and a treasure to
new owner Ritva of the  Chanzonet Kennel

March 4th 2007
Danish Poodle Club Specialty in Karlslunde

Warming Black Madelaine
ClubCC - BOB - BIS 2

And second time shown in Denmark
"Raymond" ~
Westpriors Black Raymond got his second CC
January 7th 2007
What a great start of the show year 2007!
At the Danish Poodle Club specialty in Nr. Aaby

Warming Black Madelaine
 got her third CC,  went BOB, BIS 2nd and finished her title.

Westpriors Black Raymond
first time shown in Denmark got his first CC
and went BOS - beautifully handled by our son Mogens.
Judge was Siegfried Peter from Germany
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